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The department of Psychology at PRK Hospitals is having reputed Psychologists to treat patients. Our Department of Psychology is reputed for its commitment to improving the quality of life of all its patients. The department is equipped to treat patients who suffer from different psychological issues with a multidisciplinary team who takes a comprehensive approach towards achieving wellbeing for patients irrespective of their age.


We ensure a complete mental health assessment with treatment that is overseen by experienced nurses, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Each patient receives a customized treatment plan to ensure better success rates depending on their mental condition.


We follow Hypnosis technique to help effective changes on body and mind of the patients for the best results. The process is usually done by therapist’s instructions for quick results and best relaxation of patients.

We treat the following conditions at PRK Hospitals:

  • Anxiety

  • Stress Management

  • Substance abuse disorders

  • Pain disorders

  • Postural Correction

  • Depression

  • Mood Disorders

  • Memory impairment

  • Eating disorders

At the patients first visit our Psychiatrists will gather the information on their mental condition, medical history and conduct a physical examination. Based on the finding’s our therapist’s we continue further in the treatment.

About PRK Hospitals

At PRK Super Specialty Hospitals, every care-giver follows the fundamentals of healing, by providing care & support while helping you understand the importance of working towards a common goal of healing.

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