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Cytopathology is a diagnostic process that will examine cells from various parts of body to determine the cause of disease. This test is used for screening and diagnosis of cervical cancer. Cytopathology test commonly check for any infection in the urinary tract.


Cytopathology usually investigate diseases from all the body parts. The most common cytopathology application is Pap smear that detects the precancerous cervical lesions which may further lead to cervical cancer.


There are two methods of collecting cells for the process of cytopathologic analysis. The two methods are usually exfoliative cytology and intervention cytology.

Other parameters in cytopathology are:

  • Microbial infections

  • Amyloidosis

  • Abnormal cell growth, metabolism and division can lead to major diseases.

  • Reactive Changes

  • Cell Aging

  • Immune Reactions

  • Autoimmune Disease

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